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Vinsobres was inducted in Cru of the Côtes-du-Rhône (AOC Vinsobres) in 2006, thanks to its terroirs, sunlight and overall quality of wine.
It is the first Cru des Côtes-du-Rhône in the Drôme Provençale region. The wines of Vinsobres lend themselves as red, white and rosé Côtes-du-Rhône as well

Story of Vinsobres’s Cru…

In 1980, the winemakers of Vinsobres were looking to promote their wine for its unique characteristics and quality and be known under the Cru appellation (the highest level of appellation in the AOC Cotes-du-Rhone terminology). Despite its rich terroir, the winemakers were missing a sense of unity and missed their first tentative to gain the classification.

In 1998, the winemakers Union of Vinsobres decided to launch a thorough campaign to gain the distinguished appellation:

In terms of tasting, a karyotype allowed them to highlight the specifics of the wines of Vinsobres based upon their year, thus showing the variables of “millesime and terroir” as influencing the wine itself.
As for the terroirs, selections of the best parcels were chosen to show an excellent terroir that produced grapes of optimal quality. Vinsobres thrives along 7 kilometers of hillsides with sun exposure from the south-east, the perfect balance of breeze, rainfall and yearly temperatures.
And so, when it came time for selection, two studies were conducted: one by the Association of Winemakers and the other by the INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality). The consensus of the two resulted in the perimeter of our present day Vinsobres CRU.

The vine population of Vinsobres

Grenache, a traditional variety of the southern Rhone Valley, which represents 68,34% of its plantations
Syrah, a grape variety that thrives particularly well on parcels that are a bit colder, representing 24,15%.
We may also find a some varieties as Carignan (1,45%), Cinsault (1,84%) and Mourvèdre (2,76%).
It is noted that 57% of Vinsobres’ vines are over 25 years old since the vineyards were developed in 1956 (the year the olive trees experienced a great frost)

Profile of the Vinsobres CRUS

The wines of Vinsobres are characterized by a solid tannic structure. These tannins are elegant and soft, and prove to be excellent candidates for wine maturation.  There is a balance of acidity, alcohol and tannins with a remarkable freshness.