The vines cascade down therocky terraces and hills, standing on quaternary marls, built of limestone and softer layers. The hillside orients  east-west thus provide the following advantages:


– Full sunlight
– Resting above the « Eygues » river, Vinsobres escapes spring frost and benefits from the great humidity in the soils.
– Thanks to a large plateau, the cold northern winds, or « Mistral », are avoided. This plays an important role in avoiding the frost. It also has a very important role regarding the frost again


Fourth generation wine maker and owner, François Vallot, has been been at the head of the wine-estate since July 1976. He has continued with his father’s policy; a careful choice of grape varieties enabling the production of vintage quality wines.

The exceptional climate of Vinsobres coupled with François’s true passion has allowed him to obtain the French organic certification « AB » in 2003. One year later he earned the “Ecocert – DEMETER” certification, and started biodynamic farming methods on his 30 hectare vineyard.

The vines are cultivated and worked according to the seasons and the lunar calendar, respecting the biodynamic specifications. Through hard work and dedication, the Vallot Winery team of employees nurtures the highest quality of grapes and ensures the best of quality in wine production.