It all started around the year 1902 when the Piallat family, originally from Vinsobres, bought the actual property at Coriançon
During the early days they were not so much concerned with making wines but with growing plants.  The Piallats were agricultures who worked on a few of their hectares to grow grapes for their own wine consumption.

Mr.& Mrs. Piallat had a daughter named Rose who later married  André Girard.  In 1920 Mr. Girard set to build a wine cellar, which is actually our cellar that is still in use today! Concrete vats were used at first, and they can still be found underneath the present day main house.  Their wine used to be produced in large volumes  and were less concentrated than wine today. It was made for every day consumption and sold by the barrel to the restaurants of Lyon.

In 1945, Claude Vallot joined the Girard family by marrying Rose and André’s only child, Gisèle.  Claude quickly took part in the vineyard’s activity and started to produce wine in 1964. Grandpa André continued his role in the wine production while Claude took over developing another part of the wine cellar.  Claude sold his production to La Cave du Prieuré, which at the time was independent, and to Burgundy wine-merchants.
La Cave du Prieuré of Vinsobres was the first group of independent wine makers who decided to come together in 1957 in order to benefit from a collective effort.  Together they were able to sell wines across France, Switzerland and Belgium.  Claude was a founding member and also filled the role of President from 1970 to 1976.

As the years went by, the first born son of Claude and Gisèle, Xavier started to work with his grandfather and eventually took over his role.

Keeping in family tradition, Francois, the youngest of Claude and Gisèle’s children, studied viticulture and helped with the wine production.  Claude passed away when François was at the end of his wine studies, and so assumed a more permanent role in collaboration with his brother Xavier.  In July 1976, at the age of 23, François took the lead. He ended the vineyard’s collaboration with the Prieuré in 1990 to begin selling directly from his property’s shop.

François married Jocelyne in 1980  and together they had two daughters.  Their youngest, Anaïs, focused her studies in hospitality management and continued on an international career in the luxury hotel industry.   After nearly a decade of moving around the globe, she decided to follow her passion for the vines and pursued advanced studies in viticulture.  In 2013, Anaïs joined her father in the family lineage of winemakers, and so is the fifth generation to take over and the first woman to lead this wonderful heritage.